Madanda Last Name Facts

Where Does The Last Name Madanda Come From? nationality or country of origin

Madanda (Marathi: मादंण्डा) occurs more in Uganda more than any other country/territory. It can appear as a variant:. For other possible spellings of Madanda click here.

How Common Is The Last Name Madanda? popularity and diffusion

The surname is the 183,996th most frequently used surname world-wide, held by around 1 in 3,158,884 people. The surname Madanda is predominantly found in Africa, where 99 percent of Madanda live; 84 percent live in East Africa and 55 percent live in East Bantu Africa. It is also the 605,116th most frequently used first name globally. It is borne by 222 people.

This surname is most commonly held in Uganda, where it is held by 1,646 people, or 1 in 23,718. In Uganda it is mostly concentrated in: Mbale District, where 38 percent live, Sironko District, where 35 percent live and Buikwe District, where 5 percent live. Without taking into account Uganda this surname exists in 16 countries. It also occurs in Tanzania, where 12 percent live and South Africa, where 7 percent live.

Madanda Last Name Statistics demography

The amount Madanda earn in different countries varies markedly. In South Africa they earn 6.19% less than the national average, earning R 222,924 per year and in Canada they earn 31% more than the national average, earning $65,086 CAD per year.